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Golden Retriever Puppies

  Juliette and Chester are a beautiful couple of Golden Retrievers from the Ukraine. Juliette has very good breeding characteristics and Chester is a prize winning Golden Retriever with several Ukranian awards.

  Now they have a second litter of puppies. When Juliet was pregnant, war broke out in Ukraine 🇺🇦 and we moved to Austria.

  This Easter 2022 we got 6 perfect puppies, 3 boys and 3 girls. All puppies are healthy and will get all reqireded chertificates and family tree. We got the Austrians breeding permission from the Veterinaeramt.

  In a few months, all these little pieces of happines will have grown enoughand will be looking for a new family and new friends. If you are ready to give your love, attention and time to one of them, you will be rewarded x100 over. You will get a real friend for life, a friend who is ready todo anything just to see smile on your face.

Natalia and Dmitry Panasenko

Juliette and Chester

2022 Gallery


Our breeder is now in Austria, expecting puppies soon! Highly recommend! Good pedigree from parents! Beautiful, smart kids! Contact Natalia Panasenko

Anna Lebedenec Puppy 2020: Chester

We chose a dog as a gift for our son. After reading a lot of reviews about the breeds, we chose either Labrador or Golden for ourselves. Read more... Visually, we liked Golden more, they are taller and look sportier. We were looking for a more red-haired one, and now we found the perfect option among Juliette's puppies. From the first minutes of the puppy's life in our house, we are just happy that our choice was this dog. She quickly learned to go to the toilet on the street, did not crap and did not spoil things even as a puppy. Now she is already 2 years old, and I do not remember a single thing that she gnawed or spoiled. Her temperament is very docile and easy to train. She is very cheerful and energetic, but if necessary, quickly calms down. She is her son's best friend, they play a lot together and fool around, and she always treats him with kindness and understanding. We travel a lot and she covered 4000 km with us without any problems. In every house where we lived, she was greeted with a smile, all the children whom we met along the way played with her with joy and she is our “anti-stress dog”, just stroke her for a couple of minutes, and life becomes better. On the streets of European cities, she does not go unnoticed, many ask to stroke her and are touched by her. We are very happy that she became a member of our family. We love and appreciate our dog very much.

Angelina Puppy 2020: Ersel

I highly recommend the breeders - decent, caring and attentive people, full of care and attention for the dog.

Alexandr Puppy 2020: Mike

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